This organization will be one of the pioneer organizations with the emphasis in facilitating and empowering Muay Thai industries. The direction focuses on the development and the sharing of Muay Thai scientific knowledge to everyone in the family at all age levels and the general public. The direction includes creating a positive mindset in creating sustainable personal and social development under good governance, full transparency, and not-for-profit status. These values are enshrined in order to protect the core cultural art of Muay Thai and add distinctive qualities of the Thai heritage legacy for generations to come.


“Muay Thai for All. With the Foundation of Being Thai”



  1. To promote and support research and development processes. To manage the core artistic knowledge of Muay Thai and other Thai martial arts in a systematic organized process with the goal to preserve these distinctive elements as part of the Thai identity and culture.
  1. To promote the art of Muay Thai and other Thai martial arts with emphasis of sporting, health, and fitness to create benefits and develop the people, society, and the economy.
  1. To promote the image and increase awareness of Muay Thai and other Thai martial arts, which is distinct and uniquely Thai cultured, with the goal to expand domestically and internationally.
  1. To recognize those who contributed, promoted, and developed the personnel and standards of educating Muay Thai and other Thai martial arts with acceptance internationally.
  1. To unite, coordinate, and create partnerships with other organizations, institutions, and other networks to promote and develop Muay Thai and other Thai martial arts.
  1. To promote the image and increase awareness of Muay Thai and other Thai martial arts, in which contributes in the promotion of relationships between Thailand and other foreign nations to create economic value.


Positioning of Muay Thai Foundation and General Policy)

  1. The Foundation was to reinforce the weaknesses of the current Muay Thai industry. There is no other purpose to compete with any other organizations.
  2. Adhere to the working principles through cooperation with other organizations or agencies for the purpose of creating a network to reach the goal effectively and efficiently (alike the Sharing Economy concept).
  3. Recruit qualified candidates with exceptional backgrounds from various professions and industry sectors in order to take part in the planning and management process in a professional manner (Human resource management and development).
  4. Establish innovative ideas consistent with contemporary lifestyle including the usage of technology for increasing productivity.
  5. Develop as a leading example of organization by creating core social values in serving the needs of society with the emphasis in transparency and good governance.
  6. Present all activities with long-term impact in benefiting the general public, society, economy, and environment under ethical and cultural frameworks.