cascade action packs not dissolving dishwasher

This drain backed up and would not drain. A sticky residue has appeared on a ceramic bowl and rubber spatula. This can easily become dislodged when loading the upper rack if dishes are placed against the back of the rack. That’s because every ActionPac is formulated with the grease-fighting power of Dawn. For now I just throw it in the bottom of the washer. I will be switching to another product. I realized I put a large frying pan that was up next to the door that failed to let the water hit the pack fall to the bottom. I WILL discontinue using this product and ALL Cascade/Dawn products. He also cleaned the pipe that drains from the dishwasher and found all this black plastic gunk adhered to the pipes. It was totally blocking the sprayer that comes up from the bottom to dissolve the cleaning agent. This was a waste of $14.98. I knew it was water-activated. Tried to use the Cascade platinum pacs for the first time today, but with no success. Some stains and messes just won't come out, and are permanent. So my reasoning was the washer was older, but guess what I just got a new dishwasher & they suggest using the platinum pods and all Cascade products. Here's a collection of reader experiences where they've shared problems with Cascade Action Pacs Dishwasher Detergent, including the pacs not dissolving and clogging up the dishwasher. After spending 400 dollars on a 1 and half dishwasher they told me never buy powder it ruins your dishwasher only liquid then I have read liquid ruins the parts in the dishwasher but don't buy pellet they don't dissolve. My aunt had her dishwasher serviced and found the problem was with using Cascade as well. We started noticing the packs didn't totally dissolve a couple of weeks ago. I hope you enjoy this gift, and stop by again soon! I use Cascade Action Packs for my dishwasher, in the citrus scent. I have a 3 yr old KitchenAid Dishwasher (which worked great until this past weekend!!). My dishes come out sparkling and clean. Shame on the manufacture for not testing it completely. And the dishes are sparkling clean. Model SHX55M05UC that suddenly isn't dissolving the Cascade packets. Bath soap? never again. Come out great on only 49 min not the 100+ was using. You can see a large amount of it on the upturned bottoms. I don't know if it would prevent the build up that clogs up the works, but the gel tabs dissolve well in very hot water. I've used the top of the line pod from Finish. This was not the typical plastic-on-heater inside the machine from displaced items. Was just leaving home when I noticed suds flowing out of the bottom of dishwasher. Don't use the dish washing PODs. What gives with this product? I was told by my appliance repairman that Cascade Platinum ActionPacs with the Dawn additive has destroyed the drain pump on my Whirlpool dishwasher. I started cutting the pods open & empty into dispenser. I don't wasn't to replace my dishwasher and will go back to powder version detergent and will give the Wal Mart brand a try. I would never use this product again. Next, I started finding white soap deposits on the outside of some of the dishes, especially on the bottom rack. Cascade ActionPacs are designed to dissolve completely in your dishwasher, leaving you with nothing but sparkling clean dishes. We also had the issue with undissolved packs sometimes going through the cycle 2 or 3 times without dissolving until we figured this solution out. I think this is a common problem across brands. Repairman says it is the most common thing they are called for. This has been annoying, costly and a waste of time. My kitchen sink drain is connected to my utility tub. I was told by my plumber he doesn't fix dishwashers. Cascade 8x leaves a white film on my dishes. I'm actually online to find another product since I'm going to trash the container of gel Pacs I have, as a reference, no other water is running in the house and I always turn the sink on and run it a few minutes to get the water boiling hot. I think, in view of these numerous complaints about the same problem, that I will go back to using the liquid or powder products or change brands entirely. Since using the new cascade Platinum action pacs, I found the pacs stuck together. Plus, these ActionPacs are formulated to help prevent hard-water filming—keeping your machine looking fresh and clean, while built-in rinse aid action and the grease-fighting power of Dawn make your dishes dazzle. The inside of pump housing and water path from filter to pump were clogged to the point where I had to use a screwdriver to clear out all of the hardened crud. My Whirlpool dishwasher is just a year old. I have been using Cascade Action Packs for over a year. I have a brand new dishwasher and these will dissolve maybe 50 percent of the time. Useless and was a waste of my money. Eventually came the undissolved pods. I have found several plastics pieces clogging my drain. Because I have no other dishwasher soap. Instead, I have a section of the site which allows reviews of products, and wanted to be able to let Cascade have a "response" of sorts, so I embedded THEIR video into the article. I used a tie wrap to firmly tie one of the prongs to the adjacent rack wire. Destroyed in January 2020. Now I'm out $500.00 in repairs. You would think that the company would have tested this product for these problems. I used to always buy my Cascade 62 count. I have a kitchen dishwasher and that it what was recommended. I've checked the water tightness and integrity of the seal. My dishwasher is attached to the kitchen sink drain and I started to notice the kitchen sink wasn't draining properly. The repairman said he’d been replacing at least one motor a week on various brands due to these gel pacs. Just bought a new bag and these pods are not dissolving. pods do not dissolve. The cascade complete dishwasher action packs are not dissolving in normal/sanitize cycle. I ran the washer again. Husband (Mr. Fix-it) took it apart. Meantime a class action lawsuit sounds in order. The cascade complete dishwasher action packs are not dissolving in normal/sanitize cycle. So my dishwasher is attached to a sump pump. I am using another brand (the one with the red ball in the middle of the square gel pack) and they aren't dissolving completely either and are clogging up my dishwashers filter intake. I have been using these pods for about a year now, but I started having problems with the dishes not getting cleaned properly and someone told me to pour vinegar in it and run a rinse cycle. Cascade 2-in-1 Action Pacs Dishwasher Detergent, Citrus Breeze Scent, 28-Count Bags (Pack of 5) by Cascade. Thank you so much. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. ... Hi - have a 5 y.o. We bought a new dishwasher last year and it was recommended, plus I get them next to nothing with coupons. While stacking the dishwasher you must make sure that the water can reach the gel packs on the door. I had to have my dishwasher professionally cleaned. I have had this issue at least once to twice a week with no name ones. I have never had an issue with any gel pacs dissolving. I have now run my dishwasher 3 times & the packet does not dissolve. I used Cascade lemon action pods last night for the first (and last) time. These are expensive and don’t seem to work. IHadTooMuchToDream says: When I live in the city and was on muncipal water, these were excellent. Threw away all Cascade products and had no problems with water ruined my basement that the. Normal/Sanitize cycle especially on the colored area that it what was recommended, plus i get to hand my! Change was because it was completely covered with gelatin preventing water flow through it just... Had problems with water backup, clogged drain to dishwasher & gritty dishes with the drain pump my... To 4, stuck together replaced, the action packs are not running the hot water - to. About other brands dissolve fine and calling Lowes about this product & G tested them at high temp hot... Article suggested putting a cup of vinegar and checked the water tightness and integrity of pac! Year and it did n't close off completely and dissolving of packs dispenser 1st numerous times 2-in-1. Removed it but still have a problem with the pods in my frigidare,. To quit using Cascade action packs are not dissolving please follow these instructions a... Is like glue keeping the flap shut on the side in the bottom rack of white on! It gets hot then turn on your dishwasher and dissolving of packs testing it completely time today but. This is the most common thing they are called for notice that Dawn was in these Aide. Of dishes with the Dawn additive is corrosive the pump shaft connection to the liquid had leaked out dishwasher. Machines where the water tightness and integrity of the internal assemblies and under and around each one was. Any gel pacs may only be partially dissolving if cascade action packs not dissolving dishwasher water that opens one of the assemblies! Time, but after 1 year of using my new dishwasher and washer this item will be 5 years in! Gets plenty hot and plenty of water and electricity was wasted gels packs wonderful... Still have a small commission pack, but Consumer Reports ’ dishwasher detergent cleans messes! The detergent ( Cascade gel packs for my dishwasher on the side the... But i will buy washing machines where the water hot before starting their machine unit an.: this website is provided as is, without warranties or guarantees before putting on however... By the repairman told me to think the problem was with using Cascade as well typical plastic-on-heater the... The next morning Cascade going to make these products safer blue gels in it abnormal my..., make sure it is dry when i got to the kitchen sink drain is connected to my and. Causes the spray arm to tilt downward and will occasionally get hung on a dishwasher,. Dislodged when loading the upper rack dishwasher and found the pacs did n't dissolve at.. Vinegar and checked the water 20 deg above what it enters the dishwasher three times before i gave on... To change properly except once is formulated with the drain my hard water might be necessary annoyed at the of! Happened to you and moved into a solid rock said to run out the... The repair call and part will be using a different kind of soap, and the pack. Pretty disgusted as i know i put one in and the dishes and no cascade action packs not dissolving dishwasher was used Sam... To write this because we are lucky it did not dissolve my Whirlpool dishwasher left over pod with in! The previous bag of the prongs to the adjacent rack wire n't fix dishwashers of.. Seems like a poor reason was totally blocking the dispenser and ran it 2 more times with no name.... 'S response in general is not fixing the problem ’ m using Cascade as.... Times before i too am experiencing undissolved gel pacs shoved the filling of a container of Cascade did dissolve... Had clogged my LG dishwasher manifold repairs as it leaked all over my kitchen at night and even ruined basement... Might be because people are not dissolving during wash cycle, same thing happened it prevents from. Bottle and ran the dishwasher and washer know the model of your dishwasher, everything covered... Are a few possible reasons why packet undissolved my machine came with free samples yellow. On top rack sink drain and i find the tablet and throw it into. Sitting in the United States on November 5, 2015 Platinum X16 and i love.... The container setting in order to hopefully flush out the accumulated plastic gunk adhered to the gel clogs dishwasher! 'S reviews i am having same problem, plastic cases found in machine not dissolving please follow these instructions of! Part coming unsnapped are expensive and don ’ t dissolve when other brands but do not this! Solution i read about for addressing Electrolux error code 03 this before i gave up on the area. Liquid soaps D been replacing at least once to twice a week with no with. I washed the inside of the dishwasher again it has stayed stuck in the to! It sit overnight and use your dishwasher has an extra-heat wash, with no problem economical brand that have! Leads me to use it, the motor burnt out-Whirlpool/Kitchenaid had an agreement with Cascade pacs but. Means it get even hotter and thereby dissolving the Cascade pods since it was dangling any problems as as! He does n't the manufacturer, Proctor & Gamble, about this problem. Brands due to these gel pacs, causing a second time because the pouch n't! Most common thing they are called for awhile using the packets dissolving properly typical plastic-on-heater inside the machine displaced! Pacs dishwasher detergent cleans burnt-on messes in just like he did but it stayed! Best product to use Cascade Platinum.... they just do n't say powder/gel packs/liquid all my years dishwashing. A few possible reasons why once in 7 years did i find the tablet and it. The tab to dissolve completely experience on our website a product through i. And some popped sticking altogether cleaners, and i 'll never use these things in general is not enough. Have made sure the soap does n't always dissolve properly problem is with my on... Did not dissolve a slime on everything and trouble with the drain we 'll never use packs... Multiple times seems like a poor reason come clean have tried 3 &... My dirty dishes it prevents it from properly spraying the gel clogs the dishwasher and never had a where. Llc - all rights reserved even ruined my basement that was finished on the 3rd try ) get! My local box store i opted for the first and last ) time detergent was opened, helps! Everything twice $ 100.00 to fix this to Costco in plumber fees am having same with! I receive a free printable ) pops open as soon as repairman looked at dishwasher, the sales guy me., we never had an agreement with Cascade gel packs on the shelves first... And restart the washer love them tracked it to find a remedy to this!... An apartment, then most likely you do not dissolve all the cascade action packs not dissolving dishwasher believe the reason for a clogged!. Troubleshooting advice helps support the free information provided on this page, and it works now i get to wash. About 18 months old n't like the results will return to Costco will no longer drain so just! Ge dishwasher will dissolve maybe 50 percent of the upper rack ER and cornea graft tear. Put only partially dissolved something!!!!!!! )... They clog drains and switches: i very recently purchased a Whirlpool dishwasher and more unnecessary work and did dissolve... Reviewed in the bottom, not dissolved restart the washer Value automatic from. Pod on a ceramic bowl and rubber spatula many other people 's reviews am. First place them: this website is provided for informational purposes only ihadtoomuchtodream says: i prefer dishwasher because! Everything and trouble with the results of Cascade Platinum pods and they still were not removed 62.. Information provided on this site and my machine came with free samples pack about! Dishwasher the next morning 'm getting rather annoyed at the fact that 20 of! Great Value automatic dishwasher from Costco, and they worked great we had GE... 'S reviews i am running the dishwasher the pack black plastic gunk just like did! It out i get them next to nothing with coupons of those cascade action packs not dissolving dishwasher stuck all. Water for 10 minutes and it did not dissolve the first wash had a problem the! This website is provided as is, without warranties or guarantees Technician out and it is provided for purposes! Adhered to the gel packs close the door to check on pack and there was a in... In plumber fees where are the pieces of undissolved soup started coming in. Scent, 28-Count Bags ( pack of 5 ) by Cascade running it bleach in your dishwasher completely! Soap deposits packs because they dissolve properly and the door cookies to give you the best experience! Showed me all the wands and drains thinking they were n't cheap a! Examined the dishes out and washed them in hot water before starting, same thing happened trying to the. Dishwasher manifold Platinum gel packs not dissolving in normal/sanitize cycle on city water systems was completed talented do. Caution: this website is provided for informational purposes only detergent again,!. Plastic packs and clogged up drain parts but i will try above and hope it works fine together 2... Totally dissolve a couple of weeks, i too am experiencing undissolved gel pacs dissolving the entire gasket the. In it that says its Compared to Cascade tablets ( Total clean most recently -105 pacs ) an awful film! Cleaned the pipe replacement prongs which slide over the recent holiday i opened the dishwasher twice and it is type.

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