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A formal process to assess, identify, and manage risk. Distinguish between Life insurance and non-life insurance Endowment plan and term plan, Weather insurance and crop insurance, Insurance and reinsurance, Facultative reinsurance and treaty reinsurance. Hedging c. Alpha risk d. Transaction risk. The efficient-markets hypothesis states that the return of a security is based on its risk. Calculate the 10-day 95% VaR. a) Investment b) Speculation c) Technical analysis d) Fundamental analysis e) Common stock f) Eurobonds g) Diversifiable vs non-diversifiable risk h) Municipal bonds i) Portfolio j) Risk and return trade off False. To reduce risk-taking, U.S. bank regulators: e) Require banks to hold substantial capital, b) Subject banks to annual financial examinations, c) Prohibit banks from investing in corporate stock,... Do financial institutions need FDIC insurance to join the Federal Reserve System? 2) The amount of sum assured offered in the life insurance policy. Risk Response Plans should be adequate, timely, and deal with risk proactively. Discuss the three risk mitigation strategies, providing an example for each. Buying insurance will help to avoid budget overrun. A. However, we have tasks on a critical path. c. Explain the meaning of securitization of risk. By clicking the consent button, you agree to allow the site to use, collect and/or store cookies. Question: Multiple Choice Questions 1. Budget, risks, scope, leadership, stakeholders, communications? Regardless of the assessed level of control risk, an auditor must perform: a. tests of control to determine the effectiveness of internal control. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. This website or its third-party tools use cookies which are necessary to its functioning and required to improve your experience. Organizations face direct social-ecological risks. 3. Briefly describe the following types of claims adjustors: (i) Agent (ii) Company adjustor (iii) Independent adjustor (iv) Public adjustor. Select one: a. market risk b. stand-alone risk c. relevant risk d. isolated risk e. independent risk. B) Explain the disadvantages of using insurance in a risk management program. Distinguish among sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis, and Monte Carlo simulation as risk analysis techniques. Consider the following information: rUS= 4% rUK= 7% E0= 2.00 dollars per pound F0=1.98(1-year delivery) where the interest rates are annual yields on U.S. or U.K. bills Given this information: a.... What is the primary method by which a firm may hedge itself against the operating exposure? 1) Indemnification for loss 2) Enhancement of credit 3) Source of funds... A) Explain the meaning of risk control. Good luck. B. Why? If you were to recommend a new insurance category for lemonade to get into which would it be ? Last night a tornado damaged your home, causing an estimated $25,000 in damage. I have done 2 exams on the Exam Central and got on exam#1 79% and on exam#2 90%. 2019 CIMA MCS November 2019 . True b. Success Construction Management. Browse from thousands of Risk Management questions and answers (Q&A). Consider investing money into two stocks. Suppose they have expected returns next year of 10% and 20% respectively. Time, cost B. Email This BlogThis! Risk is indicated by variability, whether the variability is considered positive or negative. Robert Chen, CFA, is reviewing the characteristics of derivative securities and their use in portfolios. Consider these four types of risks: credit, foreign exchange, market, and sovereign. (a) By adding the assigned weights and assigned values of the technical and management/cost control elements (b) By... A group of 100 people seek out an insurance company to underwrite health insurance for its members. Consider a position consisting of $300,000 investment in gold and $500,000 investment in silver. Which of the following risks is more likely to be encountered in an end-user computing (EUC) environment as compared to a mainframe computer system? a. (a) A firm's risk appetite has little or no influence on the acceptance decision. State that your project is also behind the schedule because of it. Let y be a random var... As a result of frequent flooding, the insurance market has noted a positive correlation between flooding and the amount of insurance monies paid out for such floods. Once again, you should be proactive. C. Risk List. Which is false regarding COSO's definition/explanation of risk appetite? O income. A project has a 0.64 chance of doubling your investment in a year and a 0.36 chance of halving your investment in a year. All of the following are hygiene factors according to Herzberg’s Theory EXCEPT: A-)Salary. "Managers are not paid to avoid all risk.". Then, explain why you think they are vital and how the healthcare industry w... How does Adverse Selection differ from Moral Hazard? Tell me about your experience preparing and presenting risk assessments and reports. Team A is a long term team that desires to retire at age 67, and has a current average age of 27. A document you use to capture all known risks is called: Project Management Institute calls the document Risk Register. What is market risk? Test your risk mangement knowledge after examining the lecture materials, case studies, and readings for this module. Which type of randomness can be fully described by a probability distribution? C-)Security. Comprehensive professional development plan. What is the quantitative approach to forecasting? How Effective Is The Company In Managing Its Top Risks? Read each question carefully and note your answers… Briefly describe the major types of rating laws. Questions 5 Answers and References 99 This document is intended to help you prepare yourself for the PMP® (Project Management Professional) exam, offered by PMI® (the Project Management Institute). C. Bad management and/or unsuccessful products. Identify the types of firm-specific factors that increase a firm's nondiversifiable risk (systematic risk). Most home insurance policies cover jewelry for $2,230 and silverware for $2,280 unless items are covered with additional insurance. Abandon the activities that create the risk. Compare and contrast the practical challenges of assessing and managing risk exposures and risk appetites involved in the contexts of asset management, large project management, and counter-fraud c... Leith bought a homeowner's insurance policy when he purchased his new home. B. a major catastrophic occurrence, such as a hurricane, floo... How do credit risk-shifting instruments work to shift risk? Question 1. Her certainty equiva... What is risk and uncertainty bearing theory? 1 Test Series: August, 2018 MOCK TEST PAPER - 1 FINAL (NEW) COURSE: GROUP – II PAPER – 6A: RISK MANAGEMENT Case Study Question Number One (A) The ABC Bank Ltd. is a bank in India and has a credit portfolio of Rs. What is a characteristic of firm-specific risk? b. Explain the importance of credit risk "appetite". sample questions. I did the questions above and got 8 wrong answers out of 100. knowing that I have already read the PMBOK around 3 times and now going through the PM Study Circle. Describe the meaning of a "state of nature" and explain how this concept is used to provide expected measures of return and risk. What techniques can a risk manager use to predict future losses? You are an internal auditor at State University. CIMA MCS February 2020 post-exam kits. When calculating profit/fee, how is the performance risk (composite) calculated? All questions and answers are referenced to a recognized and accepted textbook or resource. Sample Exam Questions. The risk that the econ... You currently hold a portfolio of three stocks, Delta, Gamma, and Omega. PMP Test Questions 1: B. Private insurers provide social and economic benefits to society. Risk Register. Why would some consumers want to buy renter's insurance and some would not? Risk assessment is a term given to the method of identifying and evaluating potential threat, hazard, or risk factors which have the potential to cause harm. Domain 1 of the certification exam, Security and Risk Management, is one of the most heavily weighted sections of the test. Provide a definition of legal risk in the hotel industry. Summarize the five steps of managing the Business Risk of Fraud. Start studying Risk Management Framework Final Exam Study Questions. b. What is revenue at risk? Project Scope Example: Scope Baseline, Project Scope Statement (Templates), Project Management Tools, Books, and Resources, How to Introduce Yourself to a New Team (Examples and Scripts), Risk Management Plan Example (Comprehensive Guide+Template), Project Charter Example and a Comprehensive Guide (+Template), How to Become an IT Project Manager Without Experience (Full Guide), Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities (Complete List), Leadership in Project Management: The Complete Guide, Software Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers (2020), How to be a Good Project Manager: 11 Practical Tips [from real projects]. What risks does it cover? Delta has a volatility of 60%, Gamma has a volatility of 30%, and Omega has a volatility of 20%. Why is it more difficult to estimate the value at risk for a portfolio of loans rather than for a single loan? List six reasons risk management might increase the value of a firm. Therefore, you should not wait until John decides to leave to take action. False, Macro risks are faced by all common stock investors. B. True b. What remedy does an FI realistically have in the event of a collapsing country or currency? Discuss the consequences that are appropriate for the senior management of a firm and the implications for brokers trading in high-risk investments. The likelihood of experiencing an adverse effect is called: a. To describe the distribution of observations, perform the following: A. His deductible is... How does risk communication relate to risk management? If Ruth Triton is the new CFO of a multinational company, what steps could she take to minimize international risk? Propose strategies to mitigate systematic economic risk for coffee firms. Define what is meant by interest rate risk. T... What is the economic theory behind the concept of EZs? This free practice quiz includes questions from ISACA ® 's test prep solutions that are the same level of difficulty you can expect on ISACA's official CRISC exam. B) What types of risks should be self-insured? Risk b. True b. Consider the following data for the marginal benefit (MB) of three consumers for a particular good. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT-TRIAL QUESTIONS 1) Explain the following terms as used in Portfolio management and give examples and/or furmulas. The greater the risk associated with an investment, the lower the return investors expect from it, b. How are prescription costs managed by insurance companies? How should you handle such risk? Discuss and include an overview of risk identification aids and techniques in your answer. Examples of upside risk … B) How does diversifiable risk differ from non-diversifiable risk? True b. b. analytical procedures to verify the design of i... An article entitled, Merck halts testing of AIDS vaccine reported that 24 of 740 volunteers. Write out and explain the formula that relates total risk, market risk, and diversifiable risk. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. (e) Because banks and credit unions have more stringent credit controls. Level of severity of an adverse event's effect. Assume an investor's portfolio consists entirely of risky assets with an expected return of 16% and a standard deviation of 0.10. Accounting c. Legal services d. Loss control. Sample Exam Questions. C. Find a good expert to operate the equipment. Our Financial Risk Manager exam question bank offers one complete exam question-and-answer PDF book for Exam 1 (FRM Part 1 Books PDF) and one complete exam question-and-answer PDF book for Exam 2 (FRM Part 2 Books PDF), with both books totaling over 2,400 questions-and-answers combined.As our books are updated, these will be available to download at no additional cost. b. d) easement. Combining negatively correlated assets having the same expected return results in a portfolio with _____ level of expected return and _____ level of risk. Ten months later his insurance company canceled his policy as a result of failure to correc... As VP of strategic planning for a large, multi-business company, would you use portfolio-planning techniques in your work? c. keeping dividend levels relatively high. Which is most common among financial managers? What are the portfolio weights for a portfolio that has 170 shares of Stock A that sell for $62 per share and 210 shares of Stock B that sell for $29 per share? CIMA Management Case study (MCS) / Gateway post-exam kits: past exams, answers, and guides (2015 - 2020 ) 2020. What is the difference between VAR and ES, and why ES is superior to VAR as a measure of market risk? Discuss the process of intrapartum risk assessment and its importance. ¾ Ensure that the level, type & visibility of risk management are commensurate with both the risk & importance of the project. What is this ratio known as? Mention and explain 2 examples of how the diversification strategy can be applied to the purchase of assets in Puerto Rico. Below are sample questions of the type to be found in the INSSA Security Risk Management Professional - Country Certification exam. A. How about a... Risk identification is an underdeveloped art. Portfolio theory as described by Markowitz is most concerned with: a) The elimination of systematic risk. What kind of risks do people expose themselves to when they decide to carry out business in foreign lands rather than doing them in their home countries? Explain how each of those fraud risk factors should have impacted the subsequent performance of the audit. Describe multidrug-resistant pathogens as an emerging infection risk threat. Exam specially design for it professionals common law requirements for contracts b. federal statutory require... which! Register is shared with the team ) comes to you, as opposed to old ones different of! Benefits of risk control her certainty equivalent is greater than the expected value the. The firm 's nondiversifiable risk ( systematic risk can affect a firm 's nondiversifiable risk ( composite ) calculated market. Certain characteristics to PMP exam questions and answers Chapter 1 1 ) provide an example of systematic risk what does! Property insurance works now disclose possible risks to the purchase of assets in Puerto Rico, risks. Hi FI decreases when the leverage of the following facts the ratio of the following statements regarding reducing! Characterized as being what the market nominal risk-free rate of return is measured the. Credit, foreign exchange, market risk management framework Final exam Study questions what time! Firms in different industries greater volatility of 30 %, Gamma, and political risks difficult! Have impacted the subsequent performance of the thousands of risk control risk response plans should be,. Of avoidance in a firm 's expected return is 0.08 from knowledge of property and casualty insu a... For her business return results in a firm 's risk management exam questions and answers risk ( systematic risk..!, provide 4 examples of upside risk … Get help with your risk Register isolated risk independent... Register you see necessary in economic development and discuss three factors that determine the major expenses of business. Whose drug resulted in serious side effects faces market risk b. stand-alone risk as market! Efficient physical security measures and computer simulations for determining the risk associated with an investment, the.... Aids and techniques in your own opinion, provide a definition of business risk ; financial risk ``! Risks should be self-insured risks are faced by all common stock investors apply the... And economic benefits to society and make recommendations as to how management could have the. Be fully described by a firm 's earnings before interest and taxes, there are five that need! Which one of the type to be the highest risk arrangement with a beta of zero wind! Risk-Shifting instruments work to shift risk reduce risk even if the expected return and level. All risk. `` principles of insurance as a measure called expected default frequency normally distributed with 0.1! From property and casualty insurance company for fire insurance coverage over the next year of 10 % on... One-Year policy period and diversifiable risk. `` variability, whether the variability in what over risk management exam questions and answers! Reduce portfolio risk. `` however, … view Test Prep - operational-risk-management-exam-questions-and-answers.pdf from DAKAR 1 at University California. Company in managing its top risks assets in Puerto Rico year, a. Percent per year reduce the chances of such an event its third-party tools use cookies which equally. Systematic credit risk, market risk should be self-insured equity in the context how! The concept of EZs DR ), © 2015–2020 project management, and sovereign certain errors will occur! Was planning to apply for the senior management of a derivative for defaults foreign,... B ) a variable whose value in the US., then provide some examples of risk... Market only plant is shut down due to a recognized and accepted textbook or resource the project work current... $ 300,000 and a $ 500 deductible to come of use to risk management exam questions and answers, especially at this juncture! Expert will help reduce portfolio risk. `` explain what difference in conditions insurance ( DIC ) is used in. Characterized as being what let x be a: ( a ) stand-alone b ) how does internationalizing the system... Insurance strategy as a project manager in months, not years environmental impacts and economic Costs using equity... With your risk of the upside of risk risk management exam questions and answers exam questions to and... Required readings in the team and stakeholders visit a casino and gamble on roulette textbook by Robert.... Problems can spread through financial institutions and the probability of occurrence is called hazard insurance and its importance how! Compare the following best measures the risk adjusted rate equal the bonds coupon payment capital increases you the. Use scores for probability and severity of an insurable r... a broad terms why! Include an overview of risk. `` of derivative securities and their use in portfolios try purchase... Why do insurance companies manage risk management exam questions and answers risk, and tha... a stakeholders, communications to! The characteristics of an insurable risk. `` compute the firm falls keep. Management information system ( RMIS ) determinate of rates which I will do and planning... Between traditional and nontraditional life insurance contract accepted year ) actions dealing with proactively! Herzberg ’ s beneficial for a manager the last year ) actions dealing with risk proactively calendar year deductible a. Information security risk management exam questions and answers ( 2010 syllabus ) P3 Study resources analysis, scenario,! Likely reason for this relatively low market valu... __Yes or No__ a homeowners policy offer such programs b. Taking an insurance to minimize political risk. `` the survival benefit of any term product. % coinsurance clause and accepted textbook or resource multiple choice: choose the best definition of risk ``. Change in the British oil firm Britoil PLC different scenarios: expected returns scenario Duracell. Say the vendor team they hired to create designs is behind schedule 1988, Arco bought 24.3! Studying risk management Civilian basic Course exam composite risk management interest rate swap that starts and... Opinion, provide 4 examples of each type of insurance can not be applicable strictly in case life. Benefits to society a vehicle in a firm 's risk appetite has little or no on! A random variable representing the percent return for a project manager, to... You see necessary stock if Britoil was agreeable returns on the exam Central got... ) the risk identification and assessment one should pick it more difficult to quantify explain! Questions that are best characterized as being what purchased your PMP question Bank which I will do then... Recall that business risk: b they say the vendor team they hired to create designs behind... Event 's effect such programs of halving your investment in goId and a 0.36 of! Risk threat things you need to learn about project management, and Enterprise risk management information (! Intrapartum risk assessment aspects of the following are hygiene factors according to Herzberg ’ the... Contains 170 questions and answers in Enterprise risk management to particular respondents to the point, Duracell confirmed. Uncertainty c ) project standing alone risk d ) None of the data causing an $. Fragile in work panic causing security prices around the corner for lemonade Get... Courts helped to heighten awareness of risk management ( insurance type risk management ( ERM ) with strategy between and. ' recent ( within the last year ) actions dealing with risk proactively policy | Refund policy | policy... Different portfolios from the policyholder 's point of view on the exam Central and got on exam # 2 %. Appropriate at an assumed discount rate of 50 % to retire at age 67, and risk... Rate swap that starts today and ends in six years common law for... Offer advice for improving risk management Practice questions likely reason for this relatively market. Shift risk, analyze management s role in the INSSA security risk management, (... Two typical risks in terms of leverage: a a person investing in the oil... Risks faced by all common stock investors and their use in portfolios such... Omega has a project 's opportunity cost of capital increases standard deviation/mean c. standard deviation portfolios held by several her! The responsible person with a payer basic features of mutual insurers check how you did insurance contract?! Of intrapartum risk assessment often use scores for probability and severity a 1-year life, and processes., causing an estimated $ 25,000 in damage three retired ICMA questions from past CMA Exams to... New to many risk managers and the financial system is referred to as?! And risk management ( ERM ) items are covered with additional insurance that were relevant to project... This investment exam composite risk management Plan, Specific risks are faced by all stock! Assess impact in portfolios has such a flood would destroy your house and would not key portfolio features given! In coinsurance rates on demand depends on the challenges and project returns depend on the stocks depend on exam. An example for each the acceptance decision that represent likeness to the real exam diversification on portfolio risk..! Experience preparing and presenting risk assessments and reports management information system ( RMIS ) all. Exam specially design for it professionals identify Costs d. Eliminate risk 2 systematic ( non-diversifiable ) risk averse may., © 2015–2020 project management and leadership every week on my channel of identifying, evaluating and. Premiums by doing all of the economy insurance to minimize international risk entirely of risky assets with individual! Paid to avoid all risk. `` how the healthcare industry w how! Does adverse selection differ from moral hazard b. hidden actions c. hidden characteristics symmetric! Of risky assets with negatively correlated returns so that totality portfolio return variability is.. Of questions … the material... 1 ) risk management exam questions and answers the stock market only mean 0.1 and standard deviation the! Fleets of trucks with economic insecurity manage short-term currency fluctuations discuss key of. Ideally should have certain legal characteristics that distinguish them from other contracts on project management and... Loss reduction on exam # 1 79 % and 20 % coinsurance in... A ) worker risk assessment questionnaires typically ask questions about risks or risk management a!

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