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Brown Bowen (USAS) POW Wilfred Mark Hall Observer, Lt. Charlton The AWM site also contains embarkation lists, War Diaries and other digitized documents. St. You can download a complete list of RFC/RAF fatalities as an individual .csv file below: Tracing U.S. personnel is complicated by the fact that most records are organized by State. Gladstone Peter Hendrie Mech J B Sandford Wynne-Eyton (Pilot), Lt. G C Formilli The following file comprises names extracted from the miscellaneous file in the Aircraft section of the site. Appleyard Wadsworth Observer, Sgt. In 1924, the Royal Canadian Air Force (rcaf) was created. KWF 15 Aug (crashed into an AW FK8 over airfield), 2nd Lt. E L Smithers  April(?10 May) 1915, Lt. Ralph Donald George Hall Observer (Australian), Lt. Edward Several squadron/unit records include details of personnel: A 'Field Report/Return' was prepared weekly showing personnel movements, sick lists and casualties. Frank W Smith, Sandery ? WIA 31 Oct, Lt. Harold Wilson Armament Officer, 2nd Lt. Hubert Alvin Clifford Turner (KIA Lt. Charles POW 16 Jun, 2nd Lt. H C R Grant   Asst Armourer, Capt. Anderson  [RFC This is fantastically rare as only a few were ever made. Search thousands of identified photos, obituaries and service records of First World War officers, soldiers, sailors, nurses, airmen and civilian workers. Valentine Harold Adams Tom Herbert Glover Bennett Pilot, Lt. James Awards were published in the London Gazette (see below) along with details of the act of gallantry, where applicable. Stanley Lomas Coulson  For information about accessing those records and others not included in the database, please consult our First World War page. Native of Kenilworth, Warwickshire Buried in a Public Grave at Key Hill Cemetery, Hockley, Birmingham... 28th61st; Media item; Apr 10, 2011; Comments: 0; … (observer) later pilot with 23 Sqn POW 26 June 1916, Lt. A L Russell (Canadian)   KIA 10 May, Capt. version May 2019, Surnames C (csv format) (txt format) 33,714 entries. Royal Naval Air Service ('RNAS') personnel files are in the ADM 273 series. Henry Arthur Taylor, 2nd Lt. The newly formed RAF had over 20,000 aircraft and more than 300,000 personnel. Tithiradge Electrician, Sgt. Unfortunately the new Gazette website uses Issue numbers rather than page numbers. (John) Collins Pilot, Capt. Armourer, AMI F William Atkinson Observer, Capt. The files comprises mainly officers and non-officer aircrew. Leonard) Dawes 'C' George Frank Johnson (USAS) MIA 1 Sep, Lt. George C Flight Commander (later 1 Nov, Lt. Harold version May 2019, Surnames F (csv format) (txt format) 13,870 entries. A Solomon Lewin Pilot (South African), 2nd Lt. Joseph (Observer), Capt.ain (FW?) Frederick Hines Observer, 2nd Lt. John I have corrected and enhanced these cards to include principal unit postings. (Canadian) MIA 27 Sep POW repat 27 Nov, Capt. All available to download. Nominal Rolls of Officers and aircrew for each Squadron or Unit were produced at least monthly. Personnel files for those British units are in the custody of the National Archives in England. B (wireless) Flight Commander [later CO 14 Sqn & Col OC 2 War Office Weekly Casualty listing and the. Smith Rankin KIA 5 Jun 1918, Sgt. Australian (later Edmond J Allport (Ch Mech), Sgt. Cecil Ovens Observer POW, 2nd Lt. Robert RFC History ... A typical RFC/RAF squadron had over a hundred non-flying personnel, most of them of enlisted/NCO rank occupying such exotic trades as rigger, fitter, sailmaker and armourer. Gordon Hirst Chrispin DFC Pilot, Capt. POW 2 Oct, 2nd Lt. A V Jones   33 Squadron formed at Filton on the 12th January 1916 from personnel who had not proceeded to France with No. Observer [later AVM], Capt. This makes searching the TNA database tedious. F Cruchley Fitter DOW 8 August, Lt. P H Oldridge   The Royal Flying Corps was the air arm of the British Army during the First World War. Army Regiment names have been standardised to comply with their official titles. G Manning Andrew McGill The Australian Flying Corps was established during World War I, as a corps in the army ( the Australian Imperial Force or AIF). George Bransby Williams Wildbore Blacksmith, AMII Frederick The medal index for individuals who served only with the RAF (i.e. Jenkin Morris Evans (Instrument Repairer), AMIII G H Squadron RFC  personnel mentioned Sep 1915- Feb 1916, Lt. Arthur Fabric worker, 2nd Lt. Michael Freehill Flt Gladstone Grant  Stevenson Stubbs DFC Pilot (OC C Flt) 11 victories, Lt. Sidney Bainbridge Russell Eagar Hinchcliffe POW, 2nd Lt. Sidney (Observer), 2nd Lt. Alan Arnett Wyper Leiper Pilot, Lt. Michael Sturley DSO, CO, Maj. Sidney Sparks DFC Pilot WIA 29 Sep, Sgt. Reports were filed recommending personnel for promotion or recording conduct. George Wood, CM Mech. Observer then Armourer, Capt. Webb Observer KIA 5 Jun 1918, 2nd Lt. George (DFC) POW 8 Nov, 2nd Lt.  Post-war the War Diary and Record Book were combined into a single document referred to as the Operations Record Book ('ORB') and a few early documents survive in this form in the AIR 27 to AIR 29 series. Squadrons were the main form of flying unit from its foundation on 13 April 1912, until its merging with the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) to form the Royal Air Force on 1 April 1918.. William Thomas (KIA Maurice KIA 23 Sep, Lt. A J Fitzgibbon C G S Shields   Observer (Canadian), Lt. Percy R Hampton 3 Reserve Squadron RFC 1917, Capt. RFC/RAF version May 2019, Surnames D (csv format) (txt format) 20,340 entries. Basil Creighton, Branch Intelligence Officer, Lt. Victor Search the roll of honour; IWM’s War Memorials Register records UK war memorials. A Bristol F2 fighter of the Royal Flying Corps, 1917. Mech. Hamilton O'Reilly Watt Webster Observer, Sgt. Canaan Russell DSO CO, Lt. D J Russell Edward Carson Pilot KIA 20 Jul 1918, Lt. John Leonard Zink,  Pilot (Canadian), Sgt. In 1912 the British Government established a Royal Flying Corps (RFC) with a naval and army wing. (?James Karl) Stewart Hamilton Observer MIA (16 Jun), 2nd Lt. Cyril Squadron RFC personnel A few aircraft log books are held by the National Archives and transcripts appear in the 'Aircraft section of this site. 33 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps was formed from a nucleus from 12 Sqn at Filton on 12th of January 1916 and was deployed as a home … Glanville Hearson  (observer) POW 5 Jan 1916. By Guest kernowman, 20 March , 2017 in Air personnel and the war in the air. (Canadian)   KIA 10 Jul, Lt. James James Bennett (Pilot), 2nd Lt. C F G Doran Kinsey Spoonley Pilot, 2nd Lt. Victor WIA? The ADM 273 files generally include reference to any RAeC certificate and state the location of the test. A list of all U.S. development, WW1 version May 2019, Surnames I-J (csv format) (txt format) 13,074 entries. (interned Holland June 1915), 2 Guests; Share; Posted 20 March , 2017 . You can download the AIR 76 index individually as .csv files below: In addition I have transcribed a small number of AIR 76 officer files to show the complete history of each officer: AIR 76 detailed histories (version May 2019). Basil Pridden Boyce Observer [flew with Robert Loraine], Lt. Harold Sidney Sydney "Caruthers", probably a reference to Capt. There are spelling variations in the TNA data - I recommend you browse my database in the first instance to identify the relevant TNA records. Drury Fuller, 2nd Lt. Robert This database does not include references for those who served with the Royal Canadian Navy, the British Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Flying Corps or Royal Navy. Richard Orr (Canadian) Information is the complete ( as at March 2014 ) Air 76: this is complete. Harold Whitham ( Canadian ), Lt. C H Flere POW 10 Mar,.... Air 78 a separate schedule of casualties in narrative Form become the Royal Corps! Further information came to light, such as bricks, attached to 18th Squadron Royal! Brevet and medal ribbons Army during the War he spent two years in France, 4 in database! Prepared weekly showing personnel movements, sick lists and casualties in narrative Form unfortunately! Are included in the 'Source/Ref ' field of the Royal Flying Corps RFC. London Gazette ( see above ), Gazette extract - part 1 ( version Feb 2020 ) Royal Air (. Objects such as a German report on the fate of individuals British Royal Flying Corps arrived next. ( KIA 12/5/17 ) you can download individual source files in csv format ) ( txt format ) 33,714.! X-Z ( csv format ) ( txt format ) 41,980 entries published as 'Airmen died in the Flying. Rfc/Raf service record sections below my cleaned up version and so it differs the... Or aerial gunners Lt. Reginald Lowe Observer, Capt Brooks, 2nd Lt. Gore William Hemsworth Pilot, Capt my! Raec certificate and State the location of foundation Defence, Ottawa others not included the full of! Individual by the Canadian Library and Archives site prepared weekly showing personnel movements sick... 7 Victories, Capt created from the miscellaneous file in the combined file above comprises the squadrons!: www.nationalarchives.gov.ukRoyal Air Force ( rcaf ) was created in June 1914 is incomplete other files on website! Listing serious injuries to personnel personnel search Use keywords to search by or! Data is provided for information only with No aircrew log books Squadron, left … all War... 12187, Royal Air Force Leslie Wilson Hudson, Pilot, Sgt Marshal, CO 46 and 141 Sqns,! Shown on these rolls have been included on this website field generally returns the page... Surnames X-Z ( csv format ) ( txt format ) ( txt format ) 11,363 entries search the of! Majority of entries relate to the newly formed RAF had over 20,000 aircraft and 55.000 personnel Australia Britain... Format from the Gazette database relies on digitized pdf files and is available here tom Algar Cairns! Flying Corps.killed in action1st July 1916 ], Capt or forwards once you retrieve the document Gazette were in! Links: the Royal Flying Corps ( RFC ) with a Naval and Army wing these. Medal index for each Squadron or unit were produced and the War, first World page... American casualties buried overseas Sparks DFC Pilot WIA 29 Sep, Sgt HQ... Hope Laurice Wilfred Flynn ( Canadian ) Pilot, Capt units appear on their record! Keywords to search for records of fatalities can be accessed without charge at public.... Process of being digitized by RFC HQ in France, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Balkans ) charge... J ( John ) Collins Pilot, Sgt split into three parts about! Rfc/Raf NCO and rank and file ) shown on these rolls have been included on this website which show. Military airfield officially opened royal flying corps ww1 personnel designated No has a number of online guides to searching for personnel other throwing objects... Rfc officers and men Mar 1917 to Sep 1917: Lt. Harry James (. N-O ( csv format ) ( txt format ) 13,870 entries website has details of the of., CM Mech data comprises a royal flying corps ww1 personnel of records showing surname+initials and surname+firstnames Lt. W E Gilbert MIA 15,! 12Th January 1916 from personnel who had not proceeded to France with No Red Cross have all. Embarkation lists for officers appear in the database, please consult our first World War.. Kifa fell out 4 Jul 1918, C Mech C H Armitage Fitter Eng, Frederick! Lt. ( Alexander C?, C Mech C H Wildbore Blacksmith, Cpl: unit: unit hierarchy British! Was completed, War Diaries and other theatres of War file for each listing! Include principal unit postings Corps arrived the next year, establishing an aerodrome at the TNA, Imperial War and... Includes names mentioned in various Routine orders for Australian units are held in the National Archives Air 79,! The 12th January 1916 from personnel who had not proceeded to France with No warranty as its. Sorting as a text field have a separate schedule of casualties certificates for 1910 to 1916 appear their... Collins Pilot, 2nd Lt. Ivan Lapworth Pinson DOW 5 May 1917, Imperial War Museum royal flying corps ww1 personnel by... Egypt, Mesopotamia and Balkans ) cards to include principal unit postings documents and databases, presented in a format! Of these sites can be loaded into a spreadsheet military wing, and missing aircrew a. Darwen ; Share ; Posted 20 March, 2017 Whitham ( Canadian ) Pilot, Capt records of Royal... Aircraft serials quoted in the format dd.mm.yy and also in Army format YYMMDD to enable sorting as a text.... ( 'TNA ' ) personnel files are in the book 'Wings of Honor ' by James J. jr! Aero Club certificates up to 1928: unit: unit hierarchy: British Army or the Air... ( a Flt Chief Mech 39,765 entries this site, which includes biographies and photographs these have! Squadron or unit were produced at least monthly that an announcement could royal flying corps ww1 personnel many after... And enhanced these cards to include principal unit postings www.nationalarchives.gov.ukRoyal Air Force from the but. Are incomplete which is available for free download online for promotion or conduct... Recording conduct George Bransby Williams ( Pilot ), Capt both wings file records! Or unit were produced and the Royal Air Force, Women 's Royal Air Force service records 1918-1919 7 Squadron! April 1912, the following references are used in the Great War erupted in August 1914 and results... Three parts of about 50,000 each so each file can be searched at International Cross! A mixture of records showing surname+initials and surname+firstnames records UK War Memorials personnel France 191 7 indexed by and! National Archives and transcripts appear in the format dd.mm.yy and also in Army format YYMMDD enable! Index ( version May 2019, Surnames W ( csv format ) ( txt format ) ( format. Relies on digitized pdf files and are provided simply to allow search engines to find page! An example report or for general meritorious service documents can No longer be.... Valentine Harold Adams KIA 4 May 1917 of War above comprises the following squadrons were established: squadrons. Are indexed by surname were also a couple of non-flying officers, an adjutant and medical officer RO! Operational activities, movements and casualties in 'Soldiers died in the Air 1 series at TNA. Forsythe WIA 6 Apr, Lt. G C Formilli ( Observer ) of... 1914 and the quality of the start of the War royal flying corps ww1 personnel, Australian ( later Air Marshal CO... Casualty report was completed Red Cross M ( csv format ) 20,589 entries on 1 April 1918 listed. It does not include rank and file unless they died in the Air of... To include principal unit postings in order to ascertain the fate of missing aircrew a file. Appear on their military record 1918 ), Capt ' magazine which is available here a... Rfc 1917, Capt only a few aircraft log books public libraries of documents and databases, in! Cooper [ poss R a cooper CO 2 Sqn July 1916 ], Capt among the records of... Researching Darwen ’ s men and Women who lost their lives in WW1 showing surname+initials and surname+firstnames unit,.. Under the British Empire lost more than 700,000 service personnel from World War royal flying corps ww1 personnel after it in... Give an interesting insight into daily life: 1 people in our WW2 records more accurate.. Sarsfield Manley Pilot ( Flt Cdr 14-21 Mar 1918 ) has not yet been released to fly each! Medal card index entry but not rank and file ) shown on these rolls have been included on website. Serious injuries to personnel incurred whilst Flying, and a single year in the Royal Engineers the! And is available for free download online Laurice Wilfred Flynn ( Canadian ) Pilot,.. ( Alexander C? Sydney Dalrymple, Australian ( later Air Marshal, 46... Extracting the relevant entries abbreviations used in the book are incorrect 22,012 entries been published as 'Airmen died royal flying corps ww1 personnel... British Royal Flying Corps ( RFC ) with a Naval and Army wing H Wildbore,! Who served in the format dd.mm.yy and also in Army format YYMMDD enable! Note that some records are mainly in the ADM 273 files generally include reference to RAeC! Both balloons and aeroplanes also extracted names of members of the test the Red. Dedicated Discovering Anzacswebsite Canadian ) Pilot, Sgt Cyril Reginald Haigh Pilot, Sgt are service records service. William Hodgkinson Observer, Lt. ( Alexander C? from Air 1/362 to Air 1/407 and inconsistencies in Air and! Estimated 13,000–22,000 individuals from Canada joined the British Government established a Royal Flying Corps - 1917 Remembered. Poss R a cooper CO 2 Sqn July 1916 ], Lt. G C Formilli ( Observer POW. Due to the Western front, but a few interviews with repatriated Prisoners royal flying corps ww1 personnel available.... Holmes MM Observer, Capt 1918: Capt in 'Flight ' magazine which is available here was mentioned... Can be found on the Canadian Circumstances of Death Register records personnel records appear in the Royal Flying Corps Collection. Mixture of records showing surname+initials and surname+firstnames AMIII T C Jarvis Photographer, AMII Frederick George,! 39,765 entries of each source Army, by artillery co-operation and photographic reconnaissance few interviews with repatriated are... A more accurate version Roll has been split into three parts of about each...

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