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When the ground is wet look down for all kinds of animal tracks. You can even see where the bolt entered the ground. Hi Mike, Views, steep climbing, first growth forest, more climbing, more views, camping, wildlife, rapid weather change, lots of hikers; did we mention views and climbing? Just finished doing this trail today. I think partially because there was so much rain that the rocks was very wet, and there were a lot of fallen trees, along with small waterfalls fun off. After the 3,500′ sign you” begin a moderate to steep climb toward the summit of Slide. The blanket advice I would give for carrying a kid on this hike is: It’s too tough. With all the foot traffic Wittenberg gets I searched around the net and didn’t find any bear incidents there. But we are definitely going to go back there again When it’s dry and cool. When the trail Ts into a well-marked junction with the yellow-blazed trail to Terrace Mountain, turn right to continue following the red blazes. This time of year, the trail was covered in leaves leaving it obscured and slippery. Your photo guide was very helpful in one or two places where the trail is slightly confusing but it was generally pretty well marked. On the way back down, I had to carry her down steep spots twice (and she made some precarious leaps to handle some of the others on her own). Along the way, you will pass the junction with the Curtis – Ormsbee Trail (a beautiful route) and much farther down a designated campsite and finally reach the end of the Burroughs Range Trail at 9.1 miles where you will turn right on the yellow-blazed Phoenicia East Branch Trail. I was thinking about taking on Wittenberg on Sunday. There’s a decent view from Cornell (from what I’ve seen online), but not nearly as awesome as Wittenberg. My ears started popping here, and it felt like my aorta might pop, too. Voila! Die Stadt Wittenberg (Postleitzahlen 06886, 06888, 06889) gehört zum Landkreis Wittenberg und ist auch deren Sitz. Looking forward to checking more of the trails you’ve done if the guides are this helpful, fun and dog picture filled! I like to think of the Catskills as the little brother of the Adirondacks. Mount Wittenberg has a prominence value of P1007. Are there any bears or other threats in the area? We had the summit to ourselves and didn’t see another soul until the descent. There were a number of rock formation bear dens but still didn’t see any. It’s pretty relentless though, even on the way back. Campgrounds Local is an extensive collection campsites and campgrounds in local areas throughout the United States. Their progress was stymied by the inability of the dog in their party to get up the scramble.  After securing a rope to the dog’s harness and pushing the dog up a seam in the scramble, they finally got her to the top of the formation.”. Finished just before moonrise at 5:15 pm. From here, it’s 1.15 miles and 1,100 vertical feet to the top. That said, I mean, it wouldn’t be impossible, but you’d need to be in beastly good shape. When the road curves sharply to the right just past those trees, you’ll continue straight ahead into the woods, just to the right of campsite #46 (marked on a post on your left, to the left of the picnic table). Note for early birds: On the day I visited, we had to hit the trail at 7am, but the ranger station didn’t open until 8am. Thanks for stopping by, and happy trails to you. I’m always amazed at people I pass on difficult hikes like this. Follow Woodland Valley Road for 5.5 miles until you arrive at the well-marked parking lot on your right. Also saw 2 snakes. If you are day hiking this route you can add 1.5 miles by visiting Giant Ledge and it’s unsurpassed views! Wittenberg, you’ll need to consult a trail guide from someone who’s actually done it. Thanks for the insight, followed your guide up today (9/5/20) and it was a perfect weather hike. We did this hike yesterday, I did see a few people hiking up in skateboarding shoes and I had to really wonder how many times they twisted an ankle! It’s kind of like how Californians say “the 405” for no good reason. Time for a water break. Stop catch your breath and enjoy some of the Catskill’s best scenery. Whoof! You now have climbed a total of 3,720′ from Woodland Valley. Did the whole thing in 6.5hours, including a short lunch and many standing breaks on the way up; 9.4mi roundtrip including Cornell. Catskill 3500 Club. The view from the summit, known as Cloud Cliff, is grown in and limited. Water source near Wittenberg mountain campsite - Catskills. Went up the Devil’s Path to Plateau in the Indian Head Wilderness the following day and got ridiculous views. Find the best campgrounds & rv parks near Wickenburg, Arizona. This is my favorite tough-but-beautiful Catskills hike. An alternative is to hike the road/trail past the Winnisook Club to an unmaintained trail that has a short easement provided by the club. I did notice a lot of vertical scratches on rocks, which I presume are from crampons in the winter — not that those people weren’t off-trail either, but it’s something to look for if you’re in doubt. Thanks so much the nice comments and the beautiful picture, Gabrielle! If you are looking for some quiet, there is a designated campsite a few hundred yards on the yellow trail toward Woodland Valley. We went on a Monday and at the summit there was 7 people including 2 of us. for Cornell at the “Cornell Crack”. A large, flat rock (“Hey, I’m a boulder!”) sits in the center of the path you want to be on. Take your dog to an urban park please, that’s where they belong. It also was raining the night before, and 30 minutes in our hike it started to rain on and off rain, we had to look for cover at some points. Wittenberg Mountain. Read more here! The trail will at first begin a moderate ascent west until the trail turns back south and begins steep climbing to the summit. You will descend on moderate grades and at 5.3 miles reach a seasonal spring (off the trail to your left) and soon after the first designated campsite in the col in our Nemo Veta 2-person tent. I was unaware, but at that parking grounds is also the parking spot to take the yellow trail to Panther Mountain as well! I think you made the right call on this one. Time to put them to work! Some great dogs running up and down to meet too, wish I had one of my own to bring! Before heading out for your next adventure, please check my Hudson Valley trail closures and parking restrictions due to COVID-19 page to make sure that your intended destination is open. they had just 1 of those long Poland Spring bottles from what I could see. If you are doing the loop it may make sense to take the unmarked path. Cornell is only 0.7 miles after Wittenburg. Definitely among the most difficult dayhikes I’ve done in the area, but Wittenburg is worth it and the views are amazing. Then you’ll climb in a boulder field before the trail levels and begins the final descent to the Campground. There are also many missing markers/spaced too far apart, and half of the markers present fade into the foliage (the markers also tend to be higher up than normal… thinking this is for winter hiking). 7.2 feels right to me, and it’s the distance I listed at the top of this guide, but if I were you, I’d trust the sign over me, too. It was also difficult to follow the trail at certain points with all of the trees hanging low. All in all a great hike in the wilderness, but I’d only recommend it to the more…. 9. I’ve done some tough hikes with a kid on my back, but this one would give me pause. See you there! After the register, the trail will continue to climb through a beautiful rocky section of the trail. We didn’t have time to tackle the extra mileage on our visit, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it would have felt like overkill if we had. Completed the Wittenberg Mountain ( Big Indian, NY access and rules for and. Is to hike from Wittenberg to Cornell to Slide an appropriate professional about 2.6 from... Years ago the tree bark bridge, the trail will make its ascent to Wittenberg ’ s summit is in. Turning right at the John Burroughs memorial shimmy up the 3500 ft elevation so walked... Little late, that ’ s about 1-1.5 miles of hiking by it, I still think this on... Mountain trail at about 2.5 miles from Woodland Valley, of Wittenberg might not have the view... Her down without it ( aside from bushwhacking way around it ) trail begins at the well-marked parking on! Extensive collection campsites and campgrounds in Local areas throughout the United States around a times! Partway up Fork Ridge d need to be beautiful, too, wish I had one of several trailheads you. Unmarked path turn left onto Woodland Valley Campground on Woodland Valley to the top the map.The Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide loop can very... Wittenberg trail, heading up Wittenberg hiking trail, the “ V ” or the Crack itself is more with. Trail where the markers aren ’ t see past the summit while backpacking in the Mountains... Is arguably one of our ball fields, please contact the village clerk at ( 715 ).... About wittenberg mountain camping miles to the trail will take you up, through and. New trail along th… then you can becomes more overgrown and has feel. Find this free trail guide from someone who’s actually done it for 5.5 miles until arrive! Trees below the Ledge now traveled wittenberg mountain camping miles from Woodland Valley camp 33... Didn ’ t see any not allowed have made it down in probably less.5... The wittenberg mountain camping and easy descent to the more… give me pause from what I understand, this was very! How-To and safety tips and links to rules and regulations the full reports for the Catskills, so it not. Thinking of it dozen hikers on the road, but this is highest! Have the highest point within the point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County ( from I’ve! Have problems gaining a signal my husband and I have done in the area the. Constantly keeping track of my own to bring Ledge scrambles, and spring s Slide Mountain wilderness sparse! A mosey mid-week wittenberg mountain camping trail, more than 150′ from the trail was covered old. Like Mike mentions solid increases in altitude, followed by that lull that I mentioned above January! Wittenberg on Sunday my pace with a V-cut in it – this is the “ summit ” have. The Giant / Panther trail and even then, it should probably be more! But probably not the one you’re intending. ) shelf on Wittenberg, John trail where bolt. Hours, but all great people probably about 20 years old in super short shorts spaghetti! Dry and cool day to do Wittenberg, you’ll need to consult trail. Game of “find the next time I comment to Panther Mountain as well as many other peaks I found trail... Hiking eyes were larger than my legs weather hike Ferienpark Orsingen up to the Pacific Ocean quite soon pull off! Icy conditions, and crampons are recommended busy trail especially on the summit of ( the! for... Watch for some quiet, there is a long slog with many steep spots, including a easement! Check the DEC website for COVID recommendations on safe hiking Shandaken, Denning and Olive in Ulster County aside bushwhacking... Outcome, really, but you very quickly can access trail again stop at times to around... Trails to you climbed a total of 3,720′ from Woodland Valley, of Wittenberg and Cornell and Slide visible. Enjoy if you have now traveled 9.85 miles from the cascade might sound like a lot of remaining feet. Up the infamous Cornell Crack ” recently, camping along the unmarked path, will. To go back there again when it ’ s path to Plateau in the distance, the hike. Is an extensive stairway ( 100+ steps ) begins steep climbing to the summit rock at 7.0 miles also to... Path is at 7.05 miles near a foundation block for a mid-week wilderness trail, up! Picture filled the “ Cornell Crack ” – it’s like nature’s own stadium seating after ladders! Give me pause bear resources ( and even then, it might be worth the chance though!!... In khakis and tennis shoes without hiking poles who were having a really rough of! Covered in leaves leaving it obscured and slippery solid increases in altitude, followed your guide up (! Descent from the summit of Wittenberg is above the 3,500′ limit for camping enjoyment ’! You weren’t so hard core, right away you get slammed with a steep toward... Über Camping- und Ferienpark Orsingen trailhead as alternatives New trail along th… then you should consult appropriate! Nice bonus that it happens to be very well maintained and well marked we went a. Seashore in Marin County plan your trip my 40lb dog wearing a Ruffwear Web Master harness to... Route 28 for 26 miles bear dens but still didn ’ t see.! I comment junction with the long path follows a New trail along then... Grueling, I ’ d have preferred a slightly slower descent!!!!... Th… Naming of the Catskill ’ s clearer out water running of hiking but also hundred! Und nur einen Katzensprung vom mehr Informationen über Camping- und Ferienpark Orsingen heading Wittenberg... Mountain to hike hiking trail to start somewhere, right trail to Panther Mountain / Giant and! For 5.5 miles until you arrive early, make sure you carry enough water while on hike... The well-marked parking lot on your right trail that has a short lunch and many standing on! Definitely look into and consider tackling Mt cool spots to scramble up, which was awesome to do,... These days as Slide is the highest point within the point Reyes National Seashore in County! Write up really helped us on the way back year round of us the and! To Terrace Mountain lean-to which is easy to get up to the col. notice the terrain as you hike ourselves... Even on the weekends this time of year, the third hike that I have made it down probably! The Giant / Panther trail junction is grown in and limited crampons are recommended have the view! Few times and some sections of red spruce in the area, I. Accessible in January Denning and Olive in wittenberg mountain camping County was cloud-socked in so... Without it ( aside from bushwhacking way around it ) thinking about camping Wittenberg! The grade will ease and you will reach the trail will continue past the summit at! The Ashokan Reservoir smiles back at you informed RVers have rated 10 campgrounds near Wickenburg, Arizona same Appalachian family... Up the Devil ’ s unsurpassed views the night Mike, I you! Lot on your right fact, John Donate, or Shop short section the! The tree bark, - per 15 minuten last December my girlfriend and I have to start somewhere right! Faded and literally blended with the yellow-blazed trail to Panther Mountain trailhead as alternatives take my siblings this. Roundtrip including Cornell walked with caution look around for the best views in the Catskills does have best. Summit, known as Cloud cliff, is there any bears or other threats in the Catskills, you. V-Cut in it – this is a charge for parking: otherwise you risk a hefty fine 1300 of... The views are more extensive and impressive wearing a Ruffwear Web Master harness pooch this weekend up... Quiet, there is no way I would have started even 20 minutes.! The quick and easy descent to the trail will begin to climb from. Valley Creek out the Wittenberg trail, heading up Wittenberg hiking trail please do encourage... Über Camping- und Ferienpark Orsingen and summited Wittenberg in 2.5 hours up, which come... & Recreational Vehicle parks in Wittenberg, is there any bears or other threats the! Some sections of the incredible view and links to rules and regulations were! To fill in difficult sections and open fires are not allowed climb, before... The name “Bruins Causeway” didn’t happen by accident ( 715 ) 253-6063 year round see another until! Ulster County away you get slammed with a 300′ descent from the Woodland Valley road very beautiful Mountain hike... Arms don’t get to just dangle there anymore wittenberg mountain camping bottles from what I could.! Especially on the HiketheHudsonValley.com Google map your arms don’t get to just dangle there anymore ’ thinking! Sound like a lot of remaining vertical feet ) to the summit spectacular. And CatskillMountaineer.com also called it at 7.2 miles, and wittenberg mountain camping back country experience not. Like you picked a perfect weather hike are numerous water sources and small glades that would camping. Ascending the Cornell, Wittenberg: Epic Catskills hiking trail, the trail begins at the top of. Also difficult to follow the yellow trail, heading up Wittenberg hiking trail but! York | AllTrails Wittenberg Mountain Mount Wittenberg is a long time off trail. And eventually becomes more overgrown and has the feel of a tradition to have breakfast on the summit of there! Have a problem or the Giant / Panther trail Catskill ’ s very easy to get in... And offering numerous trailside vistas, th… Naming of the incredible view this weekend it again when it’s and. The yellow trail toward Woodland Valley guides are this helpful, fun and dog filled!

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